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"Stellar family clinician...Dedicated caregiver...unrivaled clinical skills...always set the standard for excellence."
- Lt. Col. R.C. Warner, Commander, USAF

My allergies were acting up badly and I even had laryngitis three days before the wedding. You rested me aggressively and I was able to say my vows without sounding like a squeaky mouse."
- Dawn M. Kirton 

"I was at the point of having pain at night while sleeping and was unable to walk well at times and play with my 2 year old grandson and granddaughter. No fun!!! Being afraid to have the shot should be of no concern as you never know the needle goes into the joint!"
- Marion Black 

"The next chronic situation I was treated for was my right knee. I had been to the VA and all they would do is give me a 10% disability for my knee. I was put on a shot program and now I am able to officiate high school basketball and baseball, which requires a lot of running and pivoting. This has been a blessing to me as I officiate several hundred sporting events during the year."
- Billie D McGinnis, MSGT/USMC/Ret. 

"I once had a terrible problem with my knees and I could hardly walk. It hurt me to move from one place to another, and walking a long distance was impossible for me. The doctor told me he would have me walking and 'Praise the LORD' with GOD's help he did, for I feel GOD used Dr. Carroll to help me walk again. I now can walk with little pain and am able to do my daily chores and walk longer distances."
- Jo Ann Hoffman 

"As a patient, I have been provided the best approach ever to controlling my cholesterol. The diligence spent in finding the medications to control the cholesterol and not further damage [other medical issues] are a prime example of sincerity and caring for patients. You can depend on the program of care to be the right one."
- John Pratter 

Caring Attitude 

"I am truly grateful for the high quality of treatment I have received from Dr.Carroll. His professional and caring attitude place him above other providers I have encountered. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you."
- Nitaya Guilford 

"Dr. Carroll has been my physician for 2 years. During this time he has treated me for a variety of Dr. Carroll has ridden out this with me, not only treating me with medications, but he's held my hand when I was scared, gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it, and was there at a time of real crisis to me. he is a warm, friendly, caring person. Anyone that should ever have him as their doctor is truly a very lucky and well cared for patient."
- Nikki Kuhn 

                                    “Always considerate, patient and caring. Thanks for your care."
                                            - Marianne 

                                        " Dr. Carroll is the most genuine doctor I have seen in years. Thorough and caring." 
                                                    - Greg F. Weigi, CMSGT, USAF (Ret.) 


                                                                "I feel very at ease at this office. I’ve been shown compassion and caring and a                 
                                                            real desire to help me overcome my various problems. Willing to go the extra mile 
                                                            and never seeming in a hurry to usher me out.  Any new patient can consider     
                                                                themselves in the best hands. My husband and I have great confidence here."

                                                                            - Clare LaBelle 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Carroll on his compassionate and caring service that he has provided me over the past 2 years. His personal interest in his patients is easily recognized. He has provided me with the medication and support that I needed to take control of my health. Thank you and your staff for your kind and caring service."
- Raymond W. Muir, SMSGT, USAF (Ret.) 

"Dr. Carroll has gained my trust. He is a truly devoted doctor whom I would recommend to anyone. He has helped me overcome so many illnesses I have had be being very concerned, sympathetic, and understanding. I like the fact that he is a doctor who looks you straight in the eye when he is speaking to you. He is also very thorough with all treatments and procedures he does. He has benefitted me by helping me understand my illnesses that I have had for a very long time that I could not understand with all the other physicians and specialists I have seen in the past."
- Sabrina Laesina 

"Exceptional bedside manner. I never felt patronized or like I was just a number...these type of medical procedures are not new to me having had them performed at 4 different installations. I can truly say that this is the most proficient/professional of any physician conducting these procedures."
- Christopher Neiman, Capt, USAF

"The proactive approach to our healthcare is very reassuring. I personally have a family history of skin cancer, and I am reassured with semiannual skin inspection and removal of any potential problem areas. When you remove moles, it is virtually painless, and I only miss the minimum amount of work."
- Robert Derrow 

"On my first visit an irregular blackish spot on my face next to my nose was found.  I was told it could become cancerous and it needed to be removed. I was rather surprised and wondered how a black spot could be cancerous. I made the appointment to have the spot excised. When I came for the appointment I was apprehensive. Would it hurt? Would it scar? Mostly, I thought what if it is cancerous and it has already spread?
It was removed and biopsied. I felt no pain and it healed nicely. It turned out to be precancerous and some more skin around the incision needed to be removed and biopsied. There were not irregular cells and I was told the area was clean.
I have no preceptable scar by my nose and I am really grateful that the Doctor saw and acted upon that black spot on my face. My trust has been earned!! 
- Jean Brookover 

Easy To Talk To

"You have a very outgoing, yet patient, demeanor. It is easy to talk openly with you. I appreciate your promptness on handling my depression and making sure that I received proper care."
- Elizabeth Espinoza 
"Easy to talk to. I’ve been explained the treatment in terms I can understand. Also, very friendly and accommodating."
- George Speck 

Excellent Care 

"Dr. Carroll's staff is one of the best I have seen in 20 years. They are professional, friendly and caring when taking care of patients. This is something you don't see every day and especially in civilian clinics. Whatever method they are using should be a benchmark. Patients respond better when placed in this type of atmosphere. He is a doctor who cares, listens and is willing to take the time with the patients to ensure they understand the type of treatment he is providing to them. He is The #1 choice as my Family Physician."
- MSgt Allen Cook, USAF 

"We could not have asked for a provider that was better or more attentive to our needs. You are the best I have had in 23 years of active duty and the 12 since retirement."
- Don LaBelle, USAF (Ret.)

"One of the best. A caring first class doctor."
- Dan Broyles

"Thank you for taking good care of me. Any patient of yours is blessed to have you as their doctor."
- Andrea Simons 

"I would like to voice my sincere appreciation for the excellent medical services I (and my children) 
have received while being a patient of Dr. Carroll. I have found him to be one of the best doctors I 
have seen throughout my experiences. I especially appreciate the fact that he takes the time to listen 
to my concerns, shows a genuine interest in the well being of his patients and has always been 
friendly and polite during each visit. Thanks so much for giving each of us (your patients) the opportunity 
to have a doctor we respect."
- Kim Grooms 

"I have always been treated with the utmost respect and professional courtesy while in care. The 
professional conduct in the office is one to be noted as nothing less than perfect. I have always admired 
and respected the medical advice, and he is by far one of the hardest working doctors I have met."
- Beverly Hardesty 

Good Listener 

"Very thorough doctor who looks at you as a friend. He puts you at ease and will listen to the patient. Your health is the first concern."
- Kathleen Stanley-Barstad 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Carroll for quite some time now. During this time, I have come to one conclusion - He is a great Doctor! Every time that I went to see him, he would actually sit down and listen to me. He took his time listening to me and never rushed me. He is very patient, kind and understanding. I very highly recommend him to everyone. He is an outstanding Doctor."
- Dolores Moralez 

"I have benefitted from being Dr. Carroll's patient. His thoroughness and willingness to follow-up has made him the best Primary Care Doctor I have had in 25 years. As far as services, I'd been trying to convince doctors since the late 90's that something wasn't right with my menstrual cycles and I didn't get the 1st ultrasound until 2001. Dr. Carroll was the 1st doctor to address the root of the problems. That commitment and total involvement in patient care is what needs to proliferate. What would I say to your other patients? Listen to you!!!"
- SMSgt Anna J. Johnson 

"Thank you for the wonderful care that you have provided for my two children and myself. My daughter has been in for countless injuries from sports to removal of non-cancerous moles. My son has had warts removed by freezing. Through all of our visits we have always seen a doctor who is caring, patient, and very informative. Any patient can expect that you and your staff will provide care thats helps the patient feel comfortable and not afraid. You are a professional through and through."
- Amanda Whitt

"My daughter was being seen by another doctor, but I wasn't pleased with his bedside manner. My daughter didn't seem at ease with him. A friend told me about Dr. Carroll. I kept hearing about how great he was with her her children. One day, my daughter's regular doctor couldn't see her but Dr. Carroll offered to see her instead. My daughter and I were instantly at ease. He was great with her - joking with her. She responded immediatly. I switched to Dr. Carroll right after."
- Charisma Aguilar 

"I have been extremely pleased with the care I have received. I was most impressed by the concern expressed during each visit. I never felt rushed. I feel that I got the most thorough care I have ever gotten under any physician. I had a colonoscopy that was a good experience as well as a scope of my esophagus, which went well also. Neither test was as scary or uncomfortable as I had feared. I want to thank Dr. Carroll and his team for an excellent healthcare experience."
- Linda Midgley 

"I appreciate your friendly professionalism. You give me the feeling that you truly care about my emotional, spiritual and physical well being."
- Judy Casady 

"I appreciate being treated as an individual and not part of a herd of cattle. I have always been treated with the utmost respect when I come in. No matter what time my appointment was.." 
- Victoria Poller 

"Dr. Carroll took an aggressive preventative approach to my medical care with medical and health advice along with the medical treatment. Dr. Carroll is the best medical care provider I have ever had."
- G. Glen Brakey, CMSgt, USAF (Ret.) 

"Dr. Carroll has helped me and my family in many ways. From breathing treatments for a bad infection that brought to my attention exactly how smoking can worsen my condition. I can say now I am a non-smoker."
- Dorothy Roden 

"The support that I received when I quit smoking was the biggest factor, in my success. After smoking 2 packs a day for 42 years, when I made up my mind to quit, I received the verbal support I desperately needed, and the medications I needed to stick it out."
- Sharon Perry 

Takes Time With Patients 

"Dr. Carroll is a very kind and understanding doctor...he comes into the examining room with a smile, sits down and listens to me as if he has all the time in the world. Whatever ails me is never blown off as nothing, I'm taken seriously." 
- Habbina Harris 

"I do not feel like I am one of the patients that 'has' to be seen. Time is taken to listen to the patient. It is good to have someone who, if needed will spend more than the allotted 10-15 minutes."
- Helen Pate 

"Weight loss is a trying experience for lots of people. I’ve been given indepth information as to how to lose those unwanted pounds. All the information has been very helpful. I have not seen a doctor that can do what he does so well."
- D. Henry
 I trust Dr. Carroll with my life and the lives of those I love."
- Linda Smith
Thank you so much for taking a little extra time to listen to me and take care of me appropriately. I just wanted to give you a little something
special (chocolates) because you all are special. Your care
and compassionate made my life a little better and
I wanted you all to know that. Thanks, Kate Broadwell
"Superior family physician...Unparalleled medical
ability...Diligent clinician...Trailblazer"
- Major W.J.Badger, Family Practice Flight Comander, USAF
To everyone who helped us: We just wanted to
thank you so much for all that you did to care for
Isabel when she had pneumonia while we were on
vacation in Colorado. It is a scary thing when your
child gets sick especially when you are away from home.
The quality of care that you gave us was above and
beyond anything we could have asked for. Thank you,
Jeff Hunter,  so much for caring for Isabel as much as we
do! God bless! Holly and Joe Smathers
"My family and I all really appreciate all your time and effort. You never made us feel rushed. You always answered our questions and eased our concerns. You saw us for everything no matter how minor. You have been an amazing doctor to the three of us."
- Dawn M. Kirton
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